What size should I buy?

The best and most precise way is to go to your nearest jewellery shop to find out your ring size.

If you live in Switzerland, we can also send you a free ring sizer before ordering.

And of course if you live near Lausanne, you can schedule an appointment and visit us!

What if I got the wrong size?

Finding the right finger size can be tricky, especially when it's for someone else, hence we offer the first resizing if needed, on all our rings up to 1 to 2 sizes (eternity rings are not resizable, therefore are not included).

We suggest you wear the ring for two weeks to make sure that its size is suitable for all your daily situations.

How soon will I receive my order?

If the item is in stock the processing time is 4 business days. After the order has been processed, shipping can take up to 2 business days in Switzerland.

If the item is out of stock the creation time is around 4 weeks, plus shipping which can take up to 2 business days in Switzerland.

In case you are in a hurry, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Can I customize my order?

We offer complimentary engraving on rings if the design allows it. Let us know when checking out what message you would like and we will confirm via email.

If you can't find something that suits you we can custom make almost any projects.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping time for collection pieces

If the item is in stock the processing time is 4 business days. After the order has been processed, shipping can take up to 2 business days in Switzerland.

If the item is out of stock the creation time is around 4 weeks, plus shipping which can take up to 2 business days in Switzerland.

International Orders

Prices and shipping fees for international orders are calculated depending on the destination country. They do not include Import and Customs Duties, Value Added Taxes (VAT), tariffs, brokerage or other fees that may be levied by the destination country.

We are not responsible for these fees, nor for customs-related delivery delays as those are all extra costs.

Please contact us to have a price estimation for the shipping cost.

How to get in touch?

Chat with us

To chat with us you can schedule a 15 min call with me or book an in-person appointment

For email inquiries please contact info@maramegelea.com

Custom-made Engagement Rings

Book an appointment

Get started with the process by booking an appointment

Process Timeline

The creation time for a custom-made engagement ring takes around 6 weeks depending on the design.

If you want to find out more about the creation process click here.

In case you are in a hurry, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

The Designing Process

Before creating your piece at the atelier I will submit a 3D design.

This step allows us to have a clear vision of how your jewel will be and to ensure that all your desires are met.

Once the design is approved by the client; skilled bench jewellers, setters and engravers will execute the design to perfection.

All pieces are unique and hand made for you through a transparent process.

How much does it cost?

For custom-made engagement rings, prices depend on the gemstone, the complexity of the design and the metal.

An indicative price for a solitaire of 1 carat, G, VS in Gold 18k is around 10'000.- CHF


A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order.

The remaining 50% must be paid before the date of delivery.

Showroom hours

Located in the heart of Lausanne, the showroom is opened only by appointment:

Mon - Fri, 10am - 7pm
Saturday, 11am - 5pm
Sunday, Closed

Rue Charles-Vuillermet 6
1006 Lausanne

+41 78 975 44 47


What should I do if I don't live near Lausanne? (Remote consultations)

We successfully work with clients from all over Switzerland and abroad via online calls, emails and over the phone.

The process is fully transparent with constant updates (pictures & videos). A virtual experience so you can feel like you're right in the workshop with us!


Jewellery Repairs and Restorations

Here are the most common jewellery repairs and their price estimation:

Getting it Cleaned & Polished: Between 80.- to 150.-

In case your piece is in white gold 18k we need to rhodium plate it to give it its original shine. 

Re-Sizing a Ring: Between 120.- to 250.- It all depends on how much precious metal we need to add or remove. And of course your piece is automatically cleaned and polished.

 Soldering a Broken Chain: around 100.-

Depending on the precious metal and the work time

Please contact me to have a price estimation for your special piece.

Reset your Precious Stones

Please send us an email with photos and we will get back to you to schedule an appointment.


Is it possible to reset a family heirloom?

It is possible to re-use gemstones coming from a family jewel. Contact me to have an offer.

Returns & Refunds

Refund & Return Policy

As every order is custom made for each client, we do not offer refunds, returns, cancellations or exchanges once the order is placed.

Transparent Sourcing

Where do your diamonds come from?

For diamonds we work with a cutting manufacture where traceability and transparency are key. They are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Counsil.

There is no middle man between us and we do believe that workplace conditions, miners rights, fair prices, and human decency should all be factors to consider when buying a diamond. Our diamonds gernerally come from Botswana & Canada.

For each diamond above 1 carat via email, you will receive their origin, a picture of the rough diamond, the cutting projection and videos of the diamond, along with it's GIA Certificate.

Where do your colored stones come from?

For colored stones we travel to Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand and Colombia to source them at the mines or as close as possible.

We believe that miners and cutters should benefit the most from this business. Buying at the source gives them a better price and makes us connect more on a human level.

Discover our trip and adventures on our social media accounts.